Creating the Perfect Crepe

If you have ever wondered how to get your crepes looking like the ones the professionals make? These tips should help:

Step 1 - Hotplate

Crepe Making - Step 1 - Hotplate

Make sure you hotplate is ready before you start otherwise your crepe will end up soggy.

Step 2 - Pouring

Crepe Making - Step 2 - Pouring

Use a ladle to pour your crepe batter. One good ladle full for one good sized crepe.

Step 3 - Spreading

Perfect Crepe Making - Step 3 - Spreading

Make sure your wooden spreading tool is damp to prevent the crepe batter sticking.

Step 4 - Flipping

Perfect Crepe Making - Step 4 - Flipping

Once the bottom of your crepe is cooked, you need to flip the crepe. This is best done fast, with a large pallet knife.

Step 5 - Flipping

Perfect Crepe Making - Step 5 - Flipped

Make sure your crepe is flat on the hotplate once flipped.

Step 6 - Filling

Perfect Crepe Making - Step 6 - Filling

Spread your favourite filling on the top of the flipped crepe.

Step 7 - Lifting to Fold

Perfect Crepe Making - Step 7 - Lifting to Fold

Lossen up the edges of the crepe, ready for folding.

Step 8 - Folded in Half

Perfect Crepe Making - Step 8 - Folded in Half

Fold your crepe in half and flatten ready to fold again.

Step 9 - Second Fold

Perfect Crepe Making - Step 9 - Second Fold

Fold the crepe in half again, and then in half again.

Step 10 - All Folded

Perfect Crepe Making - Step 10 - All Folded

Once you have finished folding, transfer the crepe to a plate.

Step 11 - Finishing

Perfect Crepe Making - Step 11 - Finishing

Finish off the crepe by dusting with icing sugar.

Step 12 - All Done

Perfect Crepe Making - Step 12 - The Perfect Crepe

You should now have a perfect crepe, ready to eat. If you don't, come and see Marc and let him make one for you instead!